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Dagger New Wave Teen Creeking Progression

Skill Level

Step 4 - Advanced


Comfortable on at least class III, with a bomb-proof roll

Course Price

$1,599 CAD + gst


1 week


14 - 19 year olds

Instructor : Student ratio

1 : 6 (plus a Dagger Team Paddler)


Rivers in British Columbia

Start Time - Finish Time



The New Wave program is a collaborative whitewater education program for teens, hosted by Aquabatics Calgary and powered by Dagger Kayaks.  The goal of the program is to take teen paddlers with strong technical skills and start to instill a ‘mature eye’ when it comes to pushing their whitewater paddling.


Under guidance of the Aquabatics instructors will be mentored through how to paddle smart.  The program aims to open the paddlers eyes to how to run more challenging whitewater safely.  This includes on river communication, not losing line of site, running safety, when to walk and when to push yourself.


Although the nature of creeking and kayaking is one of dynamic nature, we feel it is important to have measurable outcomes for participants of a program such as this.  In a nutshell (along with many others) we have listed the key ones below:

  1. Improved understanding of how to communicate on more challenging whitewater and to work as a team in an efficient and safe manner;
  2. To have an opportunity under the close watch of professional instructors and kayakers to push themselves in more challenging water;
  3. To have the chance to ‘get on the sharp end’ and take the lead in whitewater situations that are challenging to the participant.  All the while having the safety margin built in of having professionals to step in if things are moving in the wrong direction;
  4. To run some fantastic whitewater in British Columbia;
  5. Paddlers will be involved in all morning meetings used to discuss and decide upon the days paddling location.

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Session Dates

No upcoming sessions found for this course