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Spring Ghost Tune Up

Skill Level

Step 2 - Beginner


  • Intro to River Kayaking Course (or equivalent)
  • Knowledge of how to do a basic eddy turn and ferry in Class I/II- moving water
  • Able to wet exit and t-rescue

Course Price

$130 + gst


All paddling related equipment


1 day


16 + years

Instructor : Student ratio

1 : 6 (max)


Class II River

Start Time - Finish Time

8:30 am - 4:30pm


Meet at Aquabatics Calgary.  River will be within 1 hr of Calgary and will be chosen based on suitability for the group and water levels.


The Ghost Spring Tune Up is a great season opener skills course


The aim of this program is to help get people back on the water with some direction after a long winter of only paddling in the pool.  We will keep the content flexible and will put the program together based on what people want to polish up on after the winter paddling drought.


After completing this course participants can expect to have some concepts reinforced as well as additional skills added to paddlers repertoire.  Instructors will give personal feedback to all participants to paint a clear picture of the best next steps to further paddling proficiency.

 NOTE:  This is a course often taken more than once by many participants.  We ensure the course content is varied and focused on each participant.  This is a very dynamic course with a huge scope for skill/confidence development.

Session Dates

May 4, 201910 spots leftRegister Now