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Beyond the Next Step

Skill Level

Step 3 - Intermediate


The Next Step Course (or equivalent)
Ability to paddle self directed on class II, experience and some confidence in Class II+/III
A reasonably reliable roll in Class II whitewater

Course Price

$139 + gst


All paddling related equipment


1 day


16 + years

Instructor : Student ratio

1 : 5 (max)


Class II/III River

Start Time - Finish Time

7:30 am - 4:30pm


Meet at Aquabatics Calgary.  River will be within 2 hrs of Calgary and will be chosen based on suitability for the group and water levels.


The Beyond The Next Step course is an extension to our Next Step Kayaking Weekend program.  


The aim of this program is to start moving paddlers into self directed Class II+/III whitewater.  In all our programs we aim to have paddlers working on hard drills in whitewater they are comfortable in and then testing those skills on easily managed more challenging sections.  We start to work on a lot more combination moves to ensure smooth, efficient paddling and introduce some more complex safety/rescue situations.


After completing this course participants can expect to have a good vision of how skills learned up to this point can maximize efficiency when paddling more challenging whitewater.  Reading and using river features will be covered and paddlers will start to be able to 'feel' how using the river can help take their paddling to the next level.

NOTE:  This is a course often taken more than once by many participants.  We ensure the course content is varied and focused on each participant.  This is a very dynamic course with a huge scope for skill/confidence development.

Session Dates

June 23, 20199 spots leftRegister Now
July 7, 20199 spots leftRegister Now
August 25, 201910 spots leftRegister Now